Van Fifty

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Have you ever been thinking where comes brand names, company names, web page names, and so on, have you?
Of course, maybe most often they are created by professional advertising agencies, or design departments of the company. But sometimes they just
pop up from the deep lockers of a human mind.

Simple white kitchen

Van Fifty. It means basically nothing, or at least nothing special. I was walking in city park in Riga, Mezaparks to be exact. Taking some photos of autumn colors, and breathing fresh air of October. Still so warm, +12c.
I started to think what time I should pick up my son from school, maybe 1:40 or 2:30 – afternoon time, naturally.
Then, as so often, I started to think about how those words are written, and how Latvian language makes them look so funny sometimes (funny to me).
Or pronounced in so called “rallye English” as many Finnish rallye drivers use to speak. “tuu tööti” or “van footi”.
As a donkey bridge from that I was thinking how to draw or design those words. Very trivial thinking, as you can see.
Van in a written form or shapes gives a lot of nice lines in graphic design.
Then I just joined one fifty on my mind. Maybe that fifty comes from age of some brilliant talent, never know.
Keeping on walking and photographing I started to develop that idea. Floriance Van Fifty, why not. Not bad at all, even just simple nothing on its way. Instead of one-fifty that van-fifty looks more fun. And still meaning just nothing. There’s no need to be some deeper meaning, or philosophy behind the name.
Back home, after some work routines, I opened my Affinity Designer and started to visualize my thoughts from the forest.
Well, let’s see what this will bring up. At least it is one way to little bit divide Floriance’s various activities.
And, it was not even any kind of idea to invent some name. All started from thinking about timetable. Not about the ancient mythology or something more tricky-picky whatever. It happens, sometimes.

Kitchen Van Fifty

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