What is Interior Design?

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Very often people use terms interior design and interior decorating as the same thing. In fact, their professions are very different in many ways.

Interior design is the art of science of understanding people’s behavior to create functional spaces within a certain space. Decorating is more the furnishing of a space with fashionable and beautiful things.


Interior designers can decorate but interior decorators don’t design.
The professional interior designer has studied a rather wide range of information regarding interior design and architecture. History, and socio-economic impacts of different eras to design. Human behavior in different spaces, human anthropometrics, color theory, “the language” of color, color meaning in different periods of the history of design, technical drawing and official requirements and terms in 2d & 3d layouts, collaboration with architects and constructors, understanding the structural and technical part of buildings, furniture styles and historical periods, materials and surfaces and so on. It is a rather comprehensive entity that a professional interior designer must know and understand.

Simple example. A person asks furnishing and design ideas for a certain room, a room is a part of an apartment. Well, we can say what kind of sofa and table, wallpaper and painting with what kind of lighting, something about the color scheme, etc.
But, there is a remarkable but in the very beginning. Who is living there, what age, how they want to occupy the space, how often and what they use to do there, what is the flow of the apartment, what rooms are next to this certain space, as well as several other background questions. And it’s before giving any reasonable idea what might be good to do. For one room it’s not so reasonable but in case of several rooms, there is good to make a criteria matrix and maybe also a bubble diagram as a base draft for further steps.

Not so simple, or?

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