Parco Giardino Sigurta

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Close to Verona there is a dream of garden enthusiast

The history of the Sigurtà Garden Park dates back to May 1407. The patrician Gerolamo Nicolò Contarini bought the whole property which was then used entirely for agricultural purposes.
It was actually a farm or rather, the ancient documents tell us, a “brolo encircled by walls”, where brolo was an enclosed wooded knoll: with encircling walls, arable land and forage production for the livestock. There was also another space that formed part of the brolo: a small formal garden adjacent to the main house, created for the leisure time of the noble family. This original garden was effectively the beginning of what would become the Sigurtà Garden Park. More you can find on

When thinking about parking, no need to think so much about it. We left our car close there. Maybe a few hundred meters from the park, just in roadside parking. I suppose there is also an official parking place but we skipped and used the ordinary way.
As the garden area is rather huge, there is possibility to rent a golf-car for driving around. But walking is not so bad. You can find even banana trees in park area, big labyrinth as well. Some refreshments of a small cafe.
Beautiful place, indeed.

From Sigurta we will turn our nose to north and Dolomites, here we go…

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