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From Lago Maggiore heading to Milan metropolitan area. Our first Air bnb accommodation was close to Monza, in Corrada. This place was chosen because of its location. Easy to come and go. But on a way there were several interesting sights. Practically we approached Milan area form the direction of Malpensa airport. And if you´re driving to direction Milan there are plenty of signs “Milano”.

But as we have Alfa Romeo, we wanted something about it. And what could be better than a museum of Alfa Romeo. It´s located on a way to Milan and we did not need to drive around to search for it. The address is Viale Alfa Romeo, 20020 Arese MI, Italy.
We were there in very good time. Almost no-one else but we. Not a tourist groups around. Wednesday 12th of June.
At the museum, you can find all about Alfa. History and today models. Formula 1 though not the latest one, but those earlier models. You can see the film of glorious history, but also visit 4D cinema. And of course, there is a store dedicated to brand.
Direct link to a map to see the exact location.

After spending our time enjoying the fabulous history of Alfa Romeo, it was time for lunch or at least a coffee break. Near to museum, there is a huge shopping center Il Centro. Wide range of just everything as those shopping malls use to offer today. One funny detail was a gigantic shopping cart outside the mall.

From that shopping heaven or hell – whatever, we took a direction to our accommodation for planning new adventures.

As mentioned it was close to Monza, a legendary Monza. At least for those who are fans of Formula 1.
Monza itself is like any of Lombardian small towns close to Milan. Very good and fast connections to Milan center, but also elsewhere via highways.
What comes to Monza Park “Parco di Monza”, of course, the best-known part of it is Eni Circuit Monza. Though there are a lot of other activities as well. People use to spend time there playing golf or having their picnic.
We were somehow lucky while our visit. On the track, there was going on Formula 2 free training session as well as Porche´s training. All that free of charge.

Originally our plan was to stay a few days in Bergamo, but it was mission impossible to get a reasonable parking place for our car close to the apartment. Therefore, we visited a local cafe for a small brainstorm about what to do next. Driving north side of Milan and enjoying the landscape and smaller villages.
After going through different offers from we found a nice little hotel west side of Milan. Diamante Corbetta. This was completely non-planned in advance, but instead of whatever-decisions, it was good to take a short break at a hotel and plan our next steps. One criterion was the future direction of our trip, and avoid driving back and forth.

After a good, really tasty dinner at the hotel and well rest night followed by fresh breakfast it was time to move on. We were driving a little bit to Novara direction, but on a way, we got a great deal with Air bnb in Vigevano. That was a good choice because we have earlier visited Vigevano.
Small town, and a good connection to Milan. Our accommodation was a very nice place, and only 200m from the train station.
Naturally, we were walking around the neighborhood. Visited some small cozy cafes and shops. Naturally on Piazza Ducale and Castello Sforzesco, Leonardiana, and also in a shoe museum. As it´s said, Vigevano is the heart of the Italian shoe industry.
And on Piazza Ducale you can see the influence of Leonardo da Vinci. He spent some time in Vigevano area.
We spent several days in Vigevano. The accommodation also included a garage parking for our car. Therefore, it was good to take a train and go to Milan. Under one hour and there it is the center of Milan.

There are so many interesting places in Milan it could be easy to spend a week…and a lot of money, but also write entire blog about Milan, life there, palces to go, shops to visit etc.
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II next to Milan Cathedral is a “wow” place as a shopping centre. And as a tip, there is a very good book shop close to Leonardo da Vinci museum. I have bought there few times some books, pens, drawing material etc.
In Milan the easiest, and my opinion, definitely the best way to move around is metro. You can buy single tickets of day – several days time tickets.
One of nice places to visit is a vertical forest called houses “Bosco verticale“. Plants and trees planted from down to up there. Literally a vertical forest. It´s not far away from Milan centrale. We were walking there from that train station.

Milan Cathedral is a place you need to visit for sure. Can you imagine, there are places for over 40000 persons. That is much, so to say. One of the biggest churches in the whole world. Even I am not so religious person, I must say that place is impressive. So huge, so beautiful, a pearl of architecture.
And as a tip, if you´re a woman and it´s a hot summer day. You need to cover well your upper part of body – not meaning your head. The guy up there doesn´t want to see boobs. And seriously, you will be noticed to do it if the security thinks something have to do. And it´s before you will be let in the cathedral.
Tickets to cathedral you can buy next to building. On right side. Easy to find because there are several signs “Tickets” on a wall of that building.

Milan City Life

City Life is a new shopping district of Milan. As a shopping centre nothing special or remarkable. But there is a wide restaurant area very nice design and decorations. Just don´t go there during lunch time, it´s over crowded full. There is a metro station just at the place, “Tre torri” is the station.
But in front of that business-shopping center there is nice park and interesting designed houses as you can see on photos above.

On pictures under we´re waiting for train to Milan. Outlook of pricing of small locan cafe in Vigevano. After a lot of walking tiny little break is taking place next to Montenapoleone metro station. And we must visit in Milan centrale to see what kind of trains are operating in Italy. The youngest traveller likes trains a lot.
The shop Urban Outfitters is always crowded. Good fashion, more for youngsters and young adults… but it depends on as always 🙂
Close to Montenapoleone metro station is located the fashion district of Milan. We were walking among some most likely famous fashion
industry´s persons as it was Milan Fashion week for men at that time. I have no idea who were those persons but judging by the security guards they were important persons.

After city life it´s time to enjoy the last nigt in Vigevano before taking a direction south and Turcany via Ligurian resort area.

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