Arriving Leggiuno, Italy

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After enjoying the castle of Neuschwanstein it was eventually time to leave to our temporary home in Italy. Lago Maggiore, here we go!

We continued driving along regional roads in very southern part of Germany. Our first coffee break was after one hour. I wanted to stop in small alpine town Oberstdorf that is also known of its ski-jumping events. But our stop was just a short break on a way to destination. No local sightseeing tour today. Oberstdorf with surroundings looked very nice though smaller I was thinking.

Driving to Bodensee though this time we passed Bregenz via A14. Lindau – Bregenz area is nice to visit and I warmly recommend but this time we were heading south without stopping there. Around 20 kilometres from Bregenz at Altach we turned from highway to Switzerland. Right after crossing the river Rhine we stopped at teh fuel station and bought the road sticker. One year vignette was 40 CHF – around 36 eur.

CH Road vignette
Buying CH road vignette

InSwitzerland we were driving by the river Rhine very next to border of Austria. On left side behind the river was Liechstenstein, one of those microstates in Europe with the population around 38000 only and the area 160 square kilometres.
Road nr.13 was our road. Good condition, not much traffic, easy and fast to go on yet nothing special to see around.
San Bernardino tunnel is the second most important road tunnel in Switzerland, after the Gotthard tunnel. The tunnel is 6,5 km long and relatively narrow. Therefore, passing vehicles is not allowed there. For heavy cargo traffic, this tunnel is rather small and not used as much as Gotthard. Our first stop was soon after San Bernardino tunnel. 265 km since we started from the Neuschwanstein castle. Nice view and fresh mountain air.

San Bernardino tunnel
San Bernardino Tunnel
Photographing break after the tunnel
Enjoying the fresh alpine air and beautiful landscape
Landscapes after the San Bernardino tunne

From the tunnel, after a short break there were a good road with wide serpentines downwards. Wonderful view down to valley. Here it´s important to be careful with brakes. Highway speed and fast turns. There are some traffic signs informing about use of brakes, mainly for heavy traffic. It felt to be almost eternal downhill to Bellinzona. At least the average fuel consumption is getting smaller for sure, and it is also easy to drive too fast here. Some 50 km to Bellinzona and more or less all the time downhill.
Bellinzona is easy to recognize and remember due to couple of high buildings in there. But if you have time to stop there you can also find three charming castles in Bellinzona. It is the capital of the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. The population is slightly under 20 000.
It was easy to drive because there are good road signs to Milano and Lugano. We were heading to direction Lugano.

Soon after Bellinzona I wanted to take a road “Via Cantonale” and drive to Lago Maggiore. Unfortunately I noticed bit too late I have chosen a wrong road. My selection was faster but more boring. I chose the road Nr. 2 to Lugano. Close to Lugano the traffic started to be like a small mess all around but not too bad. Our direction was “Ponte Tresa”, the border crossing point to Italy. Small point with a lot of traffic.

Lugano to Ponte Tresa and Italyu
Bellinzona – Lugano – Ponte Tresa…

…and finally from Ponte Tresa to Varese. Maybe not the shortest or the fastest road but driving through several smaller Italian towns and villages we arrived in Leggiuno. It was Sunday evening and small municipality. Excellent timing to search where we could find our Air bnb home.
+27c evening temperature. 416 km driving today. Germany – Austria -Switzerland – Italy.
Our home was numbered slightly wrong. Walking around for some time, but we had a good photo of the house. Therefore, we were in right place.
A phone call to the owner and everything rocks as a dream. Very friendly owner telling many things about the property, area, historical things as well as various possibilities to spend time around here.

Our home for next five days
Road side of the building
Our place for next few days

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