Lago di Garda

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Recidence Ruculi, the outdoor swimming pool

After narrow village roads of San Miniato our direction was Pisa. Not aiming to visit Pisa because we were there some time ago, and it´s, so to say several kilometers up to Garda Lake.
Long driving day coming.
Pisa – La Spezia – Parma – Cremona…. From Parma up to the Brescia area, it was damn boring landscape. Nothing interesting there. Finally found an area of Italy where I would not like to stay for a longer period. Of course, we were just driving by, but the first impression was exactly as that. This time we didn´t choose those payable highways but ordinary smaller regional routes.

Finally, after some small stops we arrived in Garda lake around 4 p.m. It´s always a pleasure to see and feel the taste of this area. Our residence was rather easy to find yet some interesting serpentines needed to climb first. For the first time the new serpentine road is always kind of exiting experience. After that it turns to routine and the feeling in stomach is not present any more.

Next week our home will be in Tignale. Residence Ruculi. three rooms and kitchen, lake view. Indoor- and outdoor swimming pools. Local restaurants. Good walking paths around. And magnificent weather up to +37c.
I think our first moments we were just enjoying the breathtaking view over the Garda lake. Opposite of the lake there is Monte Baldo mountain range. The residence is situated just over 400 meters of altitude. And this is a wonderful place for working too. We have rather much distance work to do, but an internet connection works well and this is a peaceful place to work.

Next day after arriving we left early in morning to Verona. Two of youngsters arrived by plane from Helsinki to Venezia, and by bus from Venezia to Verona. The very first day they were just sleepy because of early start from home.
As said, this was en excellent place for some walking and hiking trips. Right opposite of the road started smaller “road” – actually very tiny little up to another village. In this temperature it was almost like a sport lesson, but on a way up to village Gardola it was good to see those beautiful small houses and stoney road.

View from our terrace. Lago di Garda and Monte Baldo
Evening view over the lake

But the week was not only hanging “at home” or spending time at swimming pool. We were driving down to lakeside to watch around. Actually, both sides of lake are very different to each other. Eastern side is filled with many amusement parks and sort of entertainment as well as not so high mountains, except Monte Baldo further up there. Our side is very steep down from mountains, and the road down there is very interesting.
Also one of the latest James Bonds was filmed partly there. I think it was The Quantum Solace. Driving along same routes as we used to drive. Narrow road and a lot of tunnels.
Anyway. We visited places like Riva del Garda. A Town on very beginning of the lake where the river Sarca brings water from Adamello-Presanella mountains down to Garda lake.

Riva del Garda and around
Tignale – Oldesio evening adventures

There are plenty of interesting places worth visiting. Difficult to select where to go or not. We picked up something local and special. That bicycle road in Limone sul Garda. 56m above the water level. Impressive, incredible and many other positive things. In Italy, they have Football (soccer) and cycling the top of all what comes to sports activities. It is easy to see everywhere. Bicycle drivers are respected – and they know it 🙂
Therefore, no need to wonder if cars in front are driving like snails. Maybe there are some bikes driving on top and in the middle of the road, of course.

Limonaia Pra de la Fam is not so large place but definitely interesting for visiting. Lemons and oranges planted there.
The vast greenhouse, located by the lake, upstream of the Gardesana road, between the rocks overlooking the expanse of water, in close connection with centuries-old cypress trees in groups, is of considerable landscape-architectural interest. At the Pra del fam there are 88 citrus plants (in the majority lemons, but also bitter and sweet oranges, cedars, pomplemi, mandarins and bergamots).

Some additional tips for the Garda lake area. Within a short distance, there is a town of Brescia where you can find for example outlet shopping village Franciacorta. Another side of the lake are located amusement parks like Gardaland, Sea Life aquarium, Movieland Park, The Caneva Aquapark and so on. Not to forget Sirmione, or our next destination Sigurta…

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