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5.6. early evening we started our car from home Villa Jauniba and turned nose to southern Europe. A long distance and several kilometers waiting, but this is not the first time for us to do such a long trip by car. Car was recently in periodic maintenance, all that needed should be with. Idea is to live very ordinary life and stop by in some nice places. Combine work and leisure. Fortunately our work is flexible and gives a possibility to work remotely wherever and whenever – almost.

I think Poland is just a wonderful country but somehow I want to avoid morning traffic there as the Polish way of driving looks sometimes very self-destructive and side mirrors are more like a decorative element only. But on the other hand, their biggest highways are in good condition. That´s why it is important to estimate our location during traffic jam in morning

Anyway starting the familiar road Via Baltica to direction Lithuania. The first top was after some 250km. Just stretching little bit, small snacks and getting ready to continue towards Poland.

First break. Subway in Lithuania. Via Baltica.

Before crossing the border to Lithuania I wanted to take fuel. The best quality from Finnish Neste. I also did not know the exact price in Poland. Driving in Poland during the night is not so big deal. Of course, this route is more or less full of trucks but no need to rush anywhere.

In the middle of the night around 2 a.m. a short nigh-break in Bialystok, Poland. 507km driven so far.

Nightbreak. Bialystok, Poland

Young one is sleeping on the backseat. Lucky him, time flies that way. We also tried to sleep a little bit but sitting on the front seat and trying to relax is far from an ideal combination. Kind of dog sleep for an hour and ready to go again. Interesting to see how it helps, even that kind of short break.

Finally, it´s time for an aurora, and breakfast in Poland at McCafe. Time 8:45 and 715 km driven so far. Thousands of insects cleaned from the windscreen and front bumper of the car. Long night but not feeling so tired. As breakfast we chose Zapiekanki. Whatever it means but it was very tasty. I warmly recommend. Keep in touch, the trip goes on…

McCafe & Zapiekanki

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