Czech – Hustopece

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Route from the Lithuania-Poland border to Hustopecein Czech Republic

Driving through Poland is always more or less boring part of the trip if not planning to spend time in Poland. Why need to be so wide country. One interesting nuance in Poland can be found at fuel stations. Of course, they have their own currency instead of Euros but also how they show the amount of fuel. Not litres but dm3.

At fuel tank in Poland

One small stop at Czestochova to get some fresh air and walking a little bit.
It´s 9:05 in the morning and 951 km driven so far.

Still small stop at Katowice. We have earlier skipped this town but now shortly watching around and having a light lunch. 1050 km behind.

Anyway, big highways in Poland are in good condition and traffic going more or less ok. Little by little approaching Czech Republic. Just needed to remember to stop at some fuel station right after the border to buy CZ road sticker. 10 days – 12,50€.
Actually, I noticed we stopped at the same place than two years ago. Sticker on the windscreen and then driving to Brno and down to Hustopece. We booked our overnight stay in the same place than earlier. Herbenka. Nice pricing, friendly personnel. Parking in front of the entrance. Tasty breakfast. And the location is good. Hustopece is a rather small town or village but all needed shops are available. There are some interesting sights in the center.

At Herbenka. 16:30 looks to be the time, and 1321 km driven from home.

Herbenka main entrance
Herbenka restaurant

We were here in Hustopece mainly for resting after long driving. Very good destination on a way to the south. It would be nice to stay few days. Wine yards close to town, and the town itself is rather cozy. Walking around is enough. Everything is close. And if you want to visit a big city like Vienna, it is close enough for daily visit. Around 100 km to go.

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