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Today from Czech to Austria and Germany

Gmunden, lake Traunsee, Austria

Starting early in morning from Hustopece right after tasty breakfast. The host even gave a bottle of local wine with. I think this was not our last visit to Herbenka. Not because of wine but the overall experience was pleasant. Then the engine on and driving to Austria. Close to border needed to remember to buy a road toll sticker for Austria. 10-day sticker was 9,20€. In fact we needed another one on a way back home because of crossing Austria again.

Wine from Herbenka

Nice eastern Czech landscapes and hills to drive up and down until reaching Austria and Vienna. We were passing Vienna from the north. Mainly using the A1 highway. It´s in very good condition and fast to drive though nothing to see if landscapes are important.
Later we turned away from A1 just because of landscapes. Main highways are fast way forward but nothing else. Therefore, we took a small road next to river Danube. Beautiful road, indeed. The Danube is a river of many stories and melodies. It´s interesting feeling to drive by that river. See it with all those river boats, villages and hills around.

Danube Riverboat
Castle by the river Danube
Decorated entrance in Krems an der Donau

Passing small Austrian villages and driving along the river Danube we took a direction to Salzburg, but again using smaller regional roads. When arriving in a small lakeside town Gmunden we decided to stop for a while and have a small break. Gmunden is located next to Traunsee lake.

Town Hall. Gmunden, Austria

Gmunden life

After a short break and visit shop to get more water we continued driving on road 145 to the south to Bad Ischl. Then roads 166 and 162 to west. Finally upwards to Salzburg. We were lucky because there was a huge traffic jam close to Salzburg but in another direction. I was actually thinking to visit Berchtesgaden but it started to be a bit late for that. Maybe next time. “Eagle nest” would be great to visit. But everything in one trip cannot be done or visited.
Passing Salzburg Continuing to Germany. Finally, I had a chance to push the pedal to the metal – almost, and for a short time. Alfa Romeo 159 Ti is fantastic to drive even 200 km/h. A moment to enjoy, feeling like releasing a young boy inside me and enjoying the moment of speed. And still, reserves left what comes to the power of an engine. But eventually, the traffic flow started to be too big for keeping such a speed. Safety overall, of course.

We have earlier visited most of famous ski jumping venues. Now I wanted to stay overnight in Garmisch Partenkirchen. I did not book anything in advance because we did not have any specific timetable to go. Maybe in this case it was a small mistake. Garmisch looked to be full of people. I thought it is only a winter resort but seems it´s popular destination also in summertime. Started to be rather late already, and tomorrow would be a visit to Neuschwanstein. Thinking of possible variations where to stay overnight.
But it was good to drive close to highest peaks of Germany. Zugspitze was just next to us. 2962m, the highest peak in Germany. I do like mountains. If you have time and interest, there is a possibility to take a cable cabin up to Zugspitze.

Zugspitze, Germany

After some mountain photos we checked Booking.com and found a place for staying overnight. Hotel Griesenhof – Lermoos that is actually in Austria´s side of border. Alpine style hotel. We were almost late but anyway time enough for a good dinner. 639km driven today. All day driving but many stops for photographing and visiting small villages. Not so bad after all.

Waiting for dinner at Griesenhof – Lermoos
Night photo of Griesenhof

Tomorrow it will be time for The Neuschwanstein castle…

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