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It´s time to go back to Italy, back to Milan for a while. This time only as short few days trip to Milano as I promised that to my daughter. Milano is a wonderful place, but especially for daughters. Quadrilatero della moda and time flies for sure. The famous fashion district of Milan. Also weather looks to be like kind of pre-spring already, but it depends on what weather forecaster provider you want to check and believe. Let´s try to choose the sunniest and hope the best.

Aviation tickets was an adventure as usually. Which company is flying and when. Of course timetables are not matching so well that we could use same company for both directions. From Riga we can fly direct to/from Milano and that´s good thing. Of course Ryanair´s “Milano” is elsewhere than Milano but Bergamo is relatively close anyway. Return flight will be from other side of town from Malpensa airport.

Accommodation for such a short term trip would be great to get from the heart of town but from financial point of view it is definitely not the best solution though practical. But our arrival time in Bergamo is in evening, so I decided to test Airbnb for the first time of my life. Interesting to see how it works. Especially because for coming summer we have some reservations in Italy via Airbnb. I chose the accommodation rather close to airport and close to connection route to Milan. One evening in Bergamo, and next morning to Milan. For staying in Milan I booked again from as usually. I don´t know what is the best booking site but I have used this for years and it have worked great even in Kazakhstan – well, Kazakhstan is ok but only sounds so faraway spot. This time here for Milan I had two things to notice. Easy and fast access to center, and close to main railway station because of trip to Malpensa airport and saving time on departure day. I chose BBO2Milano for staying. Small place and fits to criteria. Let´s see how it will be.

Public transport map – Bergamo

By the way, there is a wonderful place in Bergamo to discover something old and get great photos as well, Citta alta is around 3-4 kilometres from station, depends on how to go there. Surrounded by the 16th-century Venetian Walls and the Rocca di Bergamo fortress. Not so world famous tourist trap but for sure worth visiting.

One tip if you´re going to plan a trip to Milan and staying some days. Get a MilanoCard. I bought for two adults for three days including 48 hours of public transport for free (included card price). Approx. 28€ for two persons. Just visit site and find a lot of interesting stuff.

MILAN Panoramic view of Piazza Duomo

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