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Branding, digital media, social media, digital marketing, e-commerce…. so today´s issues, so “sexy” things at the moment. Isn´t it nice to say “I´m doing branding…”? For someone from older generation it´s just a-ha and so what. For X,Y,Z… or whatever letter generation it´s different thing like an ordinary work. And for someone it gives a wow effect, you´re like a hero or so 😉 Especially for those who don´t exactly know what is that but it sounds so cool and up to date thing.
At least for me it´s not any kind of package of basic formulas how to do branding. It´s actually damn much work and often a part of something else. Branding is actually relatively much of invisible background work and digging out more information from client. Sometimes branding is a challenge if the client has not any kind of consistency. There is an idea of brand, a vision how it should be but if nothing supports it, not visually nor emotionally then we´ve got a hell lot of work to do. Your brand is the way your customer perceives you. It´s an experience. And need to understand the great brands are created along the time, they very rare just pop up and “oops we have a super brand”. That may happen but mostly only in dreams.
The brand also need to set apart you or your product from competitors, it need to be something like a piece of the landscape of your soul. Not only synthetic made nice logo and tailored story around it. A good brand is like a DNA of your product of business. Good brand tells something, you don´t need to explain it endlessly.
It´s great if your brand can connect you and your customers in emotional level. Something like Apple does. A great product as such but the state of emotional level is more or less perfect. A good brand also gives a value for your business. Therefore creating brand is an important process, and after all an important part of physical assets.

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