Few words about Italian wines

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Italy is divided into 20 wine producing regions
Italy has around two million acres of planted vineyards. There are over 2000 varietes of Italian wines, more than any other country. 1000 different grape varietes.

Classifying of Italian wines in brief
Vino on the bottom as a table wine. Then comes Indicazione Tipica – IGT, DOC and DOCG on top.Every wine awarded with DOC or DOCG has set of rules and regulations that apply to that wine.For example Chianti wines has completely different rules for production than Bardolino.Vino, table wines can be red, white or rose. They can be labelled with fantasy names too. These may not carry any indication of geographic origin more than the country they are from. That must be mentioned on label.IGT is like “Vind de Pays” in France or Landwein in Germany. This is a superior table wine, specific grapes and areas. By the Italian law IGT can contain up to 15% grapes from outside the region.

Donominazione di Origine Controllata – DOC wines
Italian wine laws from 1963 to control the quality and origin of wine. To protect the name of origin and sources of unfermented grape juice and wines. Strict control at every step of the process.

Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita – DOCG
wines are the highest quality Italian wines. DOCG wines are documented the document covering many things like geographic origin, accepted grape varietes, minimum planting density, maximum yields, accepted grape varietes, alcohol levels… Wines tested by testing panel of winemakers. DOCG categorized wine must have been admitted to the DOC category for at least five years. DOCG wines have to be sold in containers smaller than five litres in capacity and the container must bear a state seal quaranteed origin and quality.Brunello di Montalcino was the first wine to be granted the DOCG status – in 1st of July 1980.

Italian wines are named in one of three categories
Wines that are named after the grape like Pinot Grigio, Sangriovese, Primitivo are known as Varietal wines.Some wines are named after village, or province where it´s made or comes from. Examples like Valpolicella, Gavi are known as Generic Wines. Wines that have branded /trademarked names like Rubizzo, Bocca di Lupo, Borghi dÉlsa are Propietary wines.

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